A website to suit…

The web world is maturing. Not so long ago, a business would employ a designer to create a website “just to have one”. The end result didn’t matter.

Things have changed. Now, your business can succeed or fail by its web presence. If a potential customer visits your site and finds it’s not professional, they’ll likely dismiss you and move on to one of your competitors. All it takes is a click of a mouse.

Hobart Design understands the importance of a good website. We’ll design your site from scratch to suit your market. The result is a unique, beautiful, functional website that you can be proud of.

Is it expensive?

Our services are calculated by time, so it’s difficult to give an accurate quote before we know exactly what you need (a ballpark of $3000-$5000 is typical for a full, editable website).

Once we understand your requirements, we can give you an accurate written quote. There’s no obligation, and we’re sure you’ll find the price more than competitive for an equivalent standard of design elsewhere.

How do we proceed?

If you’d like to start things off, send us a message from our contact form. We’ll let you know exactly what you should supply for us to give you an accurate quote.

The process is hands-on: we’ll construct mockup concepts for each page, and get your opinion at each stage. Your feedback is important: after all, you know your clients better than we do. Once everyone is happy with the designs, we build and optimised them so that they’re fast and search engine friendly.

The result will be a website that will become a valuable asset to your business.

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