Get it right the first time…

The foundation of any successful business is a good identity. In fact, we believe it’s the most important thing your business will ever undertake.

A bad brand will reflect poorly on your business: potential clients can tell the difference between a bad logo and a good one. Would you trust an unknown business with a clipart logo?

Is it expensive?

Developing a logo is an exhaustive process: we need to know what you want to say to your clients, what your clients will respond to, and what appeals to you personally.

Typically, the concept phase will cost $450-$600, after which we’ll present three concept logos we believe will suit your business.

Following that, we’ll construct the logo as a fully-scalable vector for all possible uses, which costs $300-$600 (depending on complexity). All logos are delivered as universal JPEG and EPS files.

How do we proceed?

If you’d like to get your new brand underway, send us a message from our contact form. We’ll  send you our logo questionnaire to see how we can help.


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